In its 2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP), EDWA identifies seven long-term resource management challenges to long-term water resources planning and management. To address these challenges, EDWA targets 11 Resource Management Strategies (RMS), and five distinct Implementation Programs, to create a more resilient water portfolio to meet the County’s needs.

Water resources are critical to achieve the objectives of the County’s adopted General Plan in promoting economic prosperity, environmental protection, and our desired rural-agricultural way of life. Facing diverse, yet interrelated water resources challenges, prudent and comprehensive water resources planning is not just a niche service for our County today, but a necessity for the security, sustainability, and economic success of future generations.

In the 2019 WRDMP, EDWA prioritizes several distinct actions that are neither exhaustive nor static. EDWA expects the needs to be flexible, adapting to changing conditions and new developments to ensure adequate water for today and in the future. These actions are designated by the five Implementation Programs:

Picture of the American River

Map of EDWA Actions

The following map illustrates activities that EDWA is either leading or supporting in each water purveyor service area, as well as the Other County Areas. Implementation Program 1 (Governance and Partnerships) and Implementation Program 5 (Communication and Advocacy) are the foundation for and integral to implementation success for all projects.