Water Resources Development 
and Management Plan


The Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP) reflects an integrated water management approach that aims to align the practices and policies of local agencies and entities, especially for land use policy as described in the General Plan of the County of El Dorado. It identifies water resource-related challenges and associated mitigation actions for realizing the County’s vision for economic development, environmental protection, and quality of life for all residents. It further calls out the needs of coordinated and collaborative implementation by agencies and entities for success while observing their corresponding role and authority in water resource management in El Dorado County.

The resource management strategies (shown left) with focused actions identified in the WRDMP align with the water resource-related challenges in El Dorado County and El Dorado Water Agency's existing and future implementation programs.

2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan

In 2019, the Agency updated the WRDMP to broaden its scope into a program-level countywide water plan, reflecting the Agency’s continued commitment to secure long-term water supplies for the county. It includes a renewed focus on advancing an integrated water management strategy in support of the adopted General Plan and integrates policies to support economic development and growth with sustainable and resilient water resources.

​Board Workshop and Adoption

The Agency provided periodic updates to its Board and conducted a public workshop before the Board's consideration to adopt the policy and guidance for Agency's implementation.

2024 Water Resources Development and Management Plan

The Agency has initiated the early planning efforts for 2024 WRDMP development. Additional details will be provided when available. For questions, please email edcwa@edcgov.us.

​Advisory Group Meetings

The Agency is convening a Plan Advisory Group to assist in the 2024 WRDMP development along with topic-specific meetings as needed.