As El Dorado County has grown, EDWA has continued to plan for our future. Based on our authorities, responsibilities, and policies (respectively) in the 1959 El Dorado County Water Agency Act, the 2004 County General Plan, and the 2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP), we must plan for growth and sustain our water resources well beyond the 21st century. This will require a modernized and integrated water management system that takes into account the County’s economic development, environmental protection, and quality of life for all residents, while sustaining our valued rural-agricultural way of life.

Strategic Plan

EDWA's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan (SP25+) builds upon our recent successes and outlines the overall goals and objectives for the Agency over the next five years, with an emphasis on the Agency's fundamental water resources responsibilities, to economically develop water resources from a countywide perspective with the County, water districts, municipalities, and resource conservation districts. The new plan also reflects our renewed focus on integrated and comprehensive water management as outlined in the 1959 El Dorado County Water Agency Act, and our collaborative project development as outlined in the Agency's 2019 Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP).

Water Agency Strategic Plan Cover

Water Resources Development and Management Plan

The historic drought from 2012 through 2016 was a wake-up call for water managers statewide. Severe vulnerabilities were discovered with our current water systems and watershed management practices. Recent devastating wildfires exposed the weaknesses of decades of passive forest management and priorities to suppress all fires. Now, we are recognizing the importance of forest fuels reduction to headwaters management and climate resiliency in El Dorado County. Outcome-oriented actions are necessary to secure water supplies, improve drought preparedness, manage stormwater as a resource, provide adequate flood protection, and enhance watershed health and resiliency — all integral elements for proactive water management planning for the County’s future.

The 2019 WRDMP reflects nearly a year of effort to incorporate the latest information and data from ongoing studies and those most knowledgeable of the challenges we face. The collaboration to develop the plan with water purveyors and stakeholders throughout El Dorado County, and key County staff from multiple departments represents a model for success for our most pressing water management challenges.

Water Agency Strategic Plan Cover
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The 2019 WRDMP programs and strategies address seven key challenges:

  • Long-term water supply demand imbalance
  • Vulnerability during droughts
  • Loss of water supply due to other resource management practices
  • Long-term water quality impacts due to wildfires
  • Water quality impacts due to stormwater runoff
  • Limited groundwater resources
  • Vulnerability to flooding

Drought Planning is Critical to Address Ongoing County and Statewide Challenges

EDWA regularly analyzes current and future demands, and new threats to supply reliability, to develop its drought preparedness plans and strategies to anticipate future changes and needs. EDWA’s efforts continue to be firmly rooted in the future.

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