Programs & Projects

​Our 5 Programs

EDWA executes the following implementation programs, outlined in the Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP), with an aim to address water resource-related challenges for the county.

Leading countywide water interests in regional, state, and federal programs in coordination with water districts, municipalities, utility districts, and other entities in El Dorado County.
Ensuring safe, sustainable, and reliable countywide water supplies to benefit livelihoods, ecosystems, and the local economy.
Promoting a multi-benefit approach to watershed management to support a healthy ecosystem, reduce fire risks, and maintain integrity of the headwaters.
Fostering innovative ideas in water planning and management and providing education and technical assistance to promote countywide water resilience.
Coordinating countywide communication and advocacy efforts to educate decisionmakers about the county’s unique water supply challenges and advocate for resources and support needed to meet future demands.

Water Resources Development and Management Plan

The Water Resources Development and Management Plan (WRDMP) serves as a blueprint that outlines resource management strategies to counter threats our county faces including droughts, wildfires, deteriorated headwaters, limited groundwater resources, and fragmented water management. Through integrated and collaborative implementation, these resource management strategies proactively address changing water resources needs, regulatory requirements, and climate variability. The WRDMP is designed to help realize the county’s General Plan that preserves the rural agricultural way of life and protects the region’s rich natural resources for future generations.

Strategic Planning

EDWA's 2021-2025 Strategic Plan (SP 25+) builds upon our recent successes and outlines the Agency’s overall goal to ensure reliable water supplies for current and future countywide needs. The plan reflects our renewed focus on integrated and comprehensive water management and our role in ensuring water supply reliability and resilience for agribusiness and diverse communities in the county. It also outlines our objectives to ensure environmental stewardship to maintain healthy watersheds and forests and to minimize flood and fire risks.